A Sign of Things to Come?

Anyone who truly knows me knows that I am a diehard Chicago Cubs fan. I am not one of these fly-by-night, jump-on-the-Cubs-bandwagon since they’re doing good this year.  I was reading my RSS feeds earlier and came across Mark DeRosa’s latest blog entry. It’s an interview with Ryan Dempster that is an okay read until […]

Observations, Ramblings, & Utter Randomness

This will be a hodgepodge post containing a random assortment of topics. So clear your mind, start reading, and try to keep up. Family & Friends Monica and I have some of the greatest family and friends. Everyone has been exceedingly generous with baby gifts. To everyone that has been kind enough to send us […]

Do I Dare Mention It?

The Chicago Cubs are in first place in the National League Central division. No, you aren’t reading that wrong and you are not daydreaming. The Cubbies are actually in first place! I don’t know how long this will last, but they are playing great as of late. Maybe this year actually is “next year”.. so […]


Damn the Mavericks. They had every chance to win this series and they blew it. They let a very good team take four straight games from them. How much do you want to bet that in tomorrow’s papers/online articles/reports there will comments from Mavericks players, coaches, and/or owners blaming officiating and whatnot for their losses. […]