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Classic American Idol

American Idol did it again.

Towards the end of the broadcast, the traditional recap of performances was shown. The funny thing is that the recap of Jordin’s last performance wasn’t really a replay of her last performance.

Got that? American Idol must have pre-recorded the recaps or something.

It was obvious since Jordin was in tears at the end of the televised final performance but yet during the recap there was nary a tear.

Maybe I’m just upset because I think Blake should win and that all Jordin can do is screech..

Bon Jovi – A Hypocrite?

While watching American Idol last night, Jon Bon Jovi said something about Blake Lewis’ upcoming performance that really irked me. He said something to the effect that “people don’t want to hear a remade You Give Love A Bad Name.

Now, as a caveat – Blake Lewis is who I believe will win American Idol.

What caught me funny about Bon Jovi’s comment was that the band themselves – rock legends Bon Jovi – did exactly what Jon stated people wouldn’t want. In 2003, Bon Jovi released a CD entitled This Left Feels Right. What’s ironic about this album is that all of the songs were redone and reworked.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen.. Bon Jovi released a full album of twelve tracks remade from their originals.. just as Blake Lewis did last night.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m a Bon Jovi fan and always will be. But this situation does lend itself to being hypocrisy at its highest.

Did iTunes Trump American Idol?

Okay, I’m an avid American Idol fan and it’s no secret that I’m an iTunes addict.

There’s a top banner ad on iTunes that reads “American Idol: Idol Gives Back: Exclusive Charity Performances Coming Soon”. I noticed it yesterday and clicked on it. It took me to playlists for the Top 6. Nice!

Five minutes ago I click that banner again. There’s only five playlists! Chris Richardson is missing!

I just went back to the iTunes “home page” and clicked the banner again. Chris Richardson’s playlist is back.

Did iTunes jump the gun and divulge the lowest vote recipient? We’ll know in two hours.

EDIT @ 7:04PM CT – Chris’ playlist is gone again..
EDIT @ 9:04PM CT – Guess not. Must be one of those iTunes quirks.

Chris Daughtry Is The Real Deal

I’ve made it no secret; I like American Idol. I enjoy music and watching people perform.

During season five, there was in my opinion a clear-cut front runner to win. His name? Chris Daughtry. He got voted out early though; better for him that he did.

He’s now fronting a band appropriately named Daughtry, released an album, and touring in support of it. This tour included a stop in Lubbock on Sunday night, and Monica and I were there for the fun.

First off, the opening bands. Man they were loud.

  1. The Vanished – Based out of Dallas, very hard rock-ish. Not a group that I figured that I’d like based on appearance, but I actually did. Their sound is still a little unpolished, but that may just be how they sound live. I’m buying their latest EP on iTunes tomorrow, so we’ll see.
  2. Cinder Road – From Maryland, again very hard rock-ish with an ability to sound mellow. The best band of the three opening acts. Very solid performance. Their new album comes out in May and I’ll definitely be purchasing it.
  3. Eve To Adam – The final opening band, and by far the worst in my opinion. Too much screaming and not enough singing. Although they did get points from me for dedicating a song to the deserving people in the Armed Forces.

Those three bands took about an hour and forty-five minutes.

On to Daughtry.

What a performance. The set lasted about an hour; I believe ten or eleven songs. My favorites were played: Used To (written by someone I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, Zac Maloy), Breakdown, Over You, Home, and of course It’s Not Over.

Of interest, a new song was performed by a solo Chris acoustically. The interesting part is that he said it was co-written with Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty and that it’ll be on “the next record”. It was VERY good.

All of you guys out there too embarrassed to admit you watch American Idol and like Chris Daughtry’s music need to wake up. Chris Daughtry is the real deal, and will be a force in the music industry for years to come. Mark my words.

All in all, this concert was well worth the $25 ticket price and the hassle of a last-minute venue change.

Now if I can only get rid of this damn ringing in my left ear..

TV 2006-2007

Is it just me or are there a lot of TV shows worth watching this season? I’ll be bold and actually post my list and thoughts. Thank God for DVR!

  • CSI (Las Vegas): CSI is great. Good plot lines, great characters. I like the other two as well, but I’ll catch those in reruns.
  • Deal or No Deal: C’mon.. It’s Howie Mandel.. How could you not like this show?
  • Heroes: This show intrigues me. It’s about “humans” that have super powers. It was a little difficult to follow, but so far so good.
  • Jericho: My second favorite new show of the year. Stars Skeet Ulrich – most notably from the first movie of the Scream trilogy.
  • Kidnapped: Another great new show this year. There’s been a lot of characters making it easy to get confused.
  • Six Degrees: A group of six New Yorkers find their lives intertwined. I’m not sold on this show yet, but Monica’s liking it so we’re watching it.
  • Smith: Man leads double life. Very intriguing. Stars Ray Liotta and Amy Smart (of Road Trip and Rat Race fame).
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: My favorite new show of the year. Has a GREAT cast: Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford, Steven Weber, D.L. Hughley, and Amanda Peet. It’s basically the “goings on” at a fictional late night sketch comedy show (a la Saturday Night Live).

I may lose my ‘man card’ for the next two, but that’s okay. I’ll front myself out.

  • Deperate Housewives: Yes, I watch this show. And damnit I’m freely admitting that. It’s not that bad of a show.
  • Grey’s Anatomy: Again, yep I watch this show. Actually Monica started watching it and I got hooked right along with her.

Plus there’s a couple shows starting up later on in the year.

  • American Idol: I’m an Idol watcher. I love watching and hearing people sing.
  • The Apprentice: Eh.. this one’s getting old. They’re moving the show to the West Coast this year, so that means George won’t be on much and Trump fired Carolyn. They’re being replaced with Trump’s kids. I don’t have great expectations for this season, and I’m anticipating this is its last.

Comedy… A Lost Art.

*** Subject matter not for the easily offended ***

To start, I’m not a stand-up comedy fan. Those people are generally not funny or even remotely interesting to watch. That being said, Carlos Mencia has got to be the funniest comedian I’ve seen in a LONG time. His show on Comedy Central, Mind of Mencia, is hilarious.

Speaking of comedy.. why does Saturday Night Live suck nowadays? Ever since the “90s hayday” of Chris Farley, David Spade, Adam Sandler, Kevin Nealon, Phil Hartman, Mike Myers, Dana Carvey.. the show just isn’t funny any more. I’d rather watch the 70s & 80s casts than the pathetic lineup currently on staff. Tragic demise of a groundbreaking show.


My wife and I just got through watching the first season of 24…wow.. What an amazing show. We’ll be starting the second season tomorrow!

Al Gore invented TV too?

Al Gore behind a TV station? According to Yahoo Business news (article), he unveiled the name of his new station: Current.Maybe it’s just the conservative in me speaking, but I think it’s too funny that the man who thinks he single-handedly invented the Internet is delving into the “old” medium of television.Am I the only one who finds this funny?