Classic American Idol

American Idol did it again. Towards the end of the broadcast, the traditional recap of performances was shown. The funny thing is that the recap of Jordin’s last performance wasn’t really a replay of her last performance. Got that? American Idol must have pre-recorded the recaps or something. It was obvious since Jordin was in […]

Bon Jovi – A Hypocrite?

While watching American Idol last night, Jon Bon Jovi said something about Blake Lewis’ upcoming performance that really irked me. He said something to the effect that “people don’t want to hear a remade You Give Love A Bad Name. Now, as a caveat – Blake Lewis is who I believe will win American Idol. […]

Did iTunes Trump American Idol?

Okay, I’m an avid American Idol fan and it’s no secret that I’m an iTunes addict. There’s a top banner ad on iTunes that reads “American Idol: Idol Gives Back: Exclusive Charity Performances Coming Soon”. I noticed it yesterday and clicked on it. It took me to playlists for the Top 6. Nice! Five minutes […]

Chris Daughtry Is The Real Deal

I’ve made it no secret; I like American Idol. I enjoy music and watching people perform. During season five, there was in my opinion a clear-cut front runner to win. His name? Chris Daughtry. He got voted out early though; better for him that he did. He’s now fronting a band appropriately named Daughtry, released […]

TV 2006-2007

Is it just me or are there a lot of TV shows worth watching this season? I’ll be bold and actually post my list and thoughts. Thank God for DVR! CSI (Las Vegas): CSI is great. Good plot lines, great characters. I like the other two as well, but I’ll catch those in reruns. Deal […]

Comedy… A Lost Art.

*** Subject matter not for the easily offended *** To start, I’m not a stand-up comedy fan. Those people are generally not funny or even remotely interesting to watch. That being said, Carlos Mencia has got to be the funniest comedian I’ve seen in a LONG time. His show on Comedy Central, Mind of Mencia, […]


My wife and I just got through watching the first season of 24…wow.. What an amazing show. We’ll be starting the second season tomorrow!

Al Gore invented TV too?

Al Gore behind a TV station? According to Yahoo Business news (article), he unveiled the name of his new station: Current.Maybe it’s just the conservative in me speaking, but I think it’s too funny that the man who thinks he single-handedly invented the Internet is delving into the “old” medium of television.Am I the only […]