Restart! Reboot!

So my boss got back from a business trip yesterday and proceeded to tell me the most hilarious story I’ve heard in a long time.

He was on the tarmac waiting to liftoff and the cabin depressurization system was malfunctioning. People onboard we clinching their ears due to the pressure changes.

The captain said that the crew was just going to run the system on manual and if adjustments needed to be made, simply tell a flight attendant. Fine and good.

Some time later before takeoff (don’t remember how long my boss said), the captain came back on the intercom saying that they weren’t going to be allowed to take off with the system on manual and that an IT technician was on his way.

The IT guy told the pilot to shut the entire plane down, let it sit a few minutes, and turn it back on..

Yep.. you guessed it: the pressurization system now worked!

Ha.. rebooting planes fixes problems too.