Chris Daughtry Is The Real Deal

I’ve made it no secret; I like American Idol. I enjoy music and watching people perform.

During season five, there was in my opinion a clear-cut front runner to win. His name? Chris Daughtry. He got voted out early though; better for him that he did.

He’s now fronting a band appropriately named Daughtry, released an album, and touring in support of it. This tour included a stop in Lubbock on Sunday night, and Monica and I were there for the fun.

First off, the opening bands. Man they were loud.

  1. The Vanished – Based out of Dallas, very hard rock-ish. Not a group that I figured that I’d like based on appearance, but I actually did. Their sound is still a little unpolished, but that may just be how they sound live. I’m buying their latest EP on iTunes tomorrow, so we’ll see.
  2. Cinder Road – From Maryland, again very hard rock-ish with an ability to sound mellow. The best band of the three opening acts. Very solid performance. Their new album comes out in May and I’ll definitely be purchasing it.
  3. Eve To Adam – The final opening band, and by far the worst in my opinion. Too much screaming and not enough singing. Although they did get points from me for dedicating a song to the deserving people in the Armed Forces.

Those three bands took about an hour and forty-five minutes.

On to Daughtry.

What a performance. The set lasted about an hour; I believe ten or eleven songs. My favorites were played: Used To (written by someone I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, Zac Maloy), Breakdown, Over You, Home, and of course It’s Not Over.

Of interest, a new song was performed by a solo Chris acoustically. The interesting part is that he said it was co-written with Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty and that it’ll be on “the next record”. It was VERY good.

All of you guys out there too embarrassed to admit you watch American Idol and like Chris Daughtry’s music need to wake up. Chris Daughtry is the real deal, and will be a force in the music industry for years to come. Mark my words.

All in all, this concert was well worth the $25 ticket price and the hassle of a last-minute venue change.

Now if I can only get rid of this damn ringing in my left ear..