Fantasy Football Fun!

No more alliteration; I promise.

I participated in a fantasy football league this with a group of guys I know through Monica. Her group of close friends at work get together and this group of guys is the husbands. Great bunch.

$20 buy-in; winner receives $100, second place gets $40, and third gets $20. Draft went as expected mostly. I got second pick amazingly, so I assumed I’d get Peyton Manning since everyone would pick LaDainian Tomlinson first, right? Wrong. First pick owner drafted Peyton, so I snapped up LT real quick. I also got Randy Moss, Carson Palmer, Adrian Peterson, and (naturally) the Chicago Bears defense. All in all, a pretty good outcome for me.

Season goes by fairly well.. until Katie Lynn decides to join us. Beginning that weekend, I went on a four game losing streak. Luckily though, the earlier wins in the season kept me going and got me into the winner’s playoff bracket.

In the end, I won. I couldn’t honestly believe it. The last week was a decent week with a key free agent pickup (Anquan Boldin) three days before game day saving my butt.

Oh, do I tell the guys that this was my first fantasy football experience?

It’s That Time of Year

Christmas is upon us once again!

This season means many different things to everyone. I’ve always thought of Christmas as Jesus’ birthday and that is what we’re truly celebrating. This year, Christmas has taken additional meaning. Katie Lynn‘s situation has truly changed my perspectives on almost everything in life. The good Lord works His miracles daily, and I’ve experienced one in Katie Lynn.

Monica and I did Toys For Tots this week. We were at the mall for family pictures and so Katie Lynn could see Santa. We went to The Disney Store, made our selections, and went to the main drop-off point. It is a great feeling knowing that our gifts will significantly impact the life of a less-fortunate child. We don’t do it to make ourselves feel good; we do it because we can. Monica and I are fortunate enough to enjoy some of life’s niceties and pleasures, and it’s the least we can do.

I sincerely hope that people reflect during the season and remember what is truly important.

Merry Christmas.



This will be a random post, but that’s okay.. I tend to be random anyways.

So I needed a new pair of tennis shoes. Anyone that knows me knows that I despise buying shoes. We went to every place under the sun and ended up at Academy. I found three pairs that I liked and selected one finally.

So what’s the big deal you ask?

They weren’t Nike.

Yep. For the first time that I can remember I do not wear Nike tennis shoes and instead purchased a pair of New Balance. It’s not that I don’t like Nike anymore; I still love Nike. The New Balance pair simply felt better than the other two pairs I tried on (which were Nike).

I feel like I’ve betrayed Nike though after being such a loyal customer all these years.

Oh well.