Buying, Selling, and Moving Process Observations

Now that it has been more than a month since we moved to McKinney, the time has come for my satirical observations and ramblings on our move process.

  • It is wonderful seeing my car without a layer (or forty) of dirt on it. I had forgotten my car was a great shade of blue.
  • It’s amazing seeing green all around us. Additionally, there are these wonderful features of Earth called hills.
  • IKEA is a great store.
  • It’s nice that Netflix discs are sent and received twice as fast as they were when we were living in Lubbock.
  • Seeing beer and wine in Walmart is strange. Lubbock was dry, and Arlington (where I grew up) was dry as well.
  • I have greatly missed highway driving.

Here is a list of ‘what not to do’ as a seller — unless of course Monica and I are buying the house..

  • Leave 10,385 nails, screws, and anchors in the walls. (Okay, maybe that number is a bit exaggerated, but the number was still very high.)
  • Leave an car oil drip container (full of oil of course) in the garage.
  • Leave the toilet scrub brushes in two of the three bathrooms.
  • Leave butt-ugly window covering in the master bathroom.
  • Leave thumb tack strip board upstairs.
  • Leave a patio table on the patio — without matching chairs.
  • Leave two large armoires at the end of the driveway for the Salvation Army to take — or, in our case, not take due to their condition thereby violating City of McKinney code resulting in a violation notice.
  • Leave random dog toys in the backyard.
  • Leave plastic ironing board and iron holder attached to wall — preventing the laundry room door from fully closing.
  • Leave the oven in the most disgusting condition ever seen by man.
  • Leave 137 hangers in the master closet. (Okay, maybe another exaggeration.. but still annoying nonetheless.)

Having now experienced this process as both a buyer and a seller, my advice is as follows:

  • At all times, remember that you are involved in a business transaction. 
  • The process is give and take. Do not expect the world if you yourself are not willing to budge and compromise.
  • You reap what you sow. 

People keep asking me if I miss Lubbock. The answer to that is no. While I naturally miss the friends we left behind, the metroplex is my home.

Besides.. whenever I miss Lubbock, I can just step out the front door, gaze over some houses, and see our little reminder of Lubbock.