The Ten Best Songs You’ve (Probably) Never Heard

Pearl Jam – Brother : The song that supposedly almost killed Pearl Jam. Apparently during its recording, Stone Gossard ended up not liking the riff and refused to play it causing Jeff Ament to nearly quit the band. This song isn’t commercially available in a completed format. It’s on Lost Dogs but only as an instrumental; however, a polished master found its way on to the internet last year.

Darius Rucker – Something Here : While not technically Darius Rucker’s song, it’s still damn good. It appears on Paul Sanchez’s “Between Friends” CD with guest vocalists. Darius’ vocals are simply amazing on this song.  [ iTunes ]

Paulo Nutini – Last Request : Great song from the talented vocalist from Scotland.  [ iTunes ]

The Nixons – Secret : Known for their hit song “Sister”, The Nixons were a highly talented band that didn’t gain the staying power they deserved. “Secret” is a ballad from their indie EP release “Six” on the Dragon Street label. The EP is long out of print, but they pop up on eBay quite frequently.

Tim Locke – Many Happy Regrets : Tim Locke is a DFW singer-songwriter extraordinaire; bands include Grand Street Cryers (disbanded), Coma Rally, Calhoun. This is simply a great song from his solo disc “Love Songs For The Very Low” that is sadly out of print.

Mother Love Bone – Man of Golden Words : Amazing song by the seminal Seattle grunge band. The song contains, in my opinion, some of Andrew Wood’s most powerful lyrics.  [ iTunes ]

Slash’s Snakepit – Beggars and Hangers-On : The best song from Slash’s band.  [ iTunes ]

Freddy – Defying Gravity : Made famous on Kidd Kraddick In The Morning; guy’s been through a lot professionally. Supposedly a new album is in the can awaiting a distribution deal.  [ iTunes ]

Eddie Vedder – Croon Spoon : Soundtrack tune featuring a duet between Vedder and Susan Sarandon — no, really.. It’s a fun tune.  [ iTunes ]

Zac Maloy – Perfect Day : My favorite song of his first solo album. Great hook and lyrics.  [ iTunes ]

Perspectives on Time and Fatherhood

Each day has 24 hours and there’s a certain period during the day that I look forward to.

  • Five o’clock end-of-workday whistle? No. I love my job.
  • Bedtime? Nope. Although I do enjoy sleep. 😉
  • Cubs/Bears/Tech/Mavericks game on TV? Surprisingly no.

Monica leaves for work between 6:45 and 7:00 each morning, therefore; I have between 30 and 45 minutes with Katie Lynn. Just her and I. I feed Katie Lynn her morning fruit, get her dressed for daycare, and play with her in the living room. I have her undivided attention — unless Wrigley walks by, or she spots her favorite toy(s), or sees that one random piece of lint on the carpet. But that time is our time to bond. This special father-daughter time is invaluable. We “talk” to each other in the car as I drive her to daycare each morning.

I’ve always heard the phrase that babies are only “this” size once, and it’s so true. Before I know it, Katie Lynn is going to be feeding herself and dressing herself for school and riding with Monica. She won’t need us to do any of that for her.

On a somewhat related note, it’s amazing and refreshing to see fathers involved in raising kids. Each morning I see a good amount of fathers dropping kids off at Katie Lynn’s daycare. In Lubbock, I rarely saw any fathers at the daycare. Maybe that’s a geographic differentiation or something; I don’t know.

What I do know is that I value every minute I spend with my daughter, and the day just doesn’t seem to have enough time. 🙂