Mike Leach and Texas Tech

I have been rather vocal about my opinions on Mike Leach (link 1link 2link 3), but I am always one to give credit where credit is due: the man is coming off of the greatest football season in Tech’s history. Unless you’re A) not a sports fan or B) living under a rock (and you’re a sports fan), you’ve undoubtedly heard all of the commotion regarding Texas Tech, Gerald Myers, Mike Leach, and the status of Leach’s contract. I’ve remained quiet on the subject..

Until now.

Gerald Myers – you’re a complete moron. How you ever made it as high as Athletic Director is beyond me. You screwed over James Dickey back in 2001 and now you’re trying to do the same to Mike Leach. Dickey deserved firing; no argument there. But the way you did it was pathetic, shallow, and cowardly.

Texas Tech Regents — If you let Mike Leach go, you will reap the whirlwind in terms of fan support, season ticket renewals, and ticket sales. You better think twice.

Here’s my suggestion to the Regents: keep Mike Leach and fire Gerald Myers. Promote Marsha Sharp to Athletic Director as she truly deserves it.

Apple Fanboys Annoy Me

Disclaimer: I probably am a fanboy myself. Maybe not to the extremes I’m blogging about here, but I love Apple and the products it produces.

Apple fanboys annoy me. Greatly. There’s no pleasing this bunch.

Apple releases the iPhone. Within two days, there are a plethora of posts throughout the fanboy websites and blogs containing ways to make it better.

Apple releases the unibody MacBooks. Within hours those fanboy sites are complaining about their lack of firewire.

The day Apple gets behind on the fanboy-imposed product lifecycles, all hell breaks loose. Is the Mac mini being discontinued? Is AppleTV on its last breath?

My advice for the fanboys:

Get over yourself and enjoy and appreciate the Apple products you already own.