Need. A term we all use constantly.

For me though, it took on a whole new meaning this past weekend while walking on the March for Babies. All along the five mile route, there were these placards containing memorials for those lost and praise for those healed.

Now, I’m a sensitive guy. I have absolutely no problem admitting that. But those placards got to me and really got me thinking.

Team Katie Bug raised $420 for the March of Dimes as a result of some very generous, giving individuals.

Let’s dissect that on a large scale in a broad sense.

How often do you find yourself saying.. “I really need a new car.”? How often do you (okay, me..) find yourself saying.. “I really need a new laptop.”?

I’m as guilty as the next person here.. and I’ve realized that those are not needs; they’re wants.

The babies NEED to survive. Prematurity and birth defects are serious problems, and I’ll venture a guess that it has either affected you personally or someone close to you. It’s a problem that deserves attention.

Next time you’re considering dropping $20,000 on that kitchen remodel; $7000 on hardwood floors; $2800 on the plasma TV.. I implore you..

Consider the babies that NEED your generosity. You never know when “those babies” might just be your own child, grandchild, nephew, niece, cousin..