AT&T Redemption

I previously wrote about my woes with AT&T. I’m happy to report that they’ve done the right thing!

After a horrible exchange with their email support team, I called and spoke with a woman who reassured me I was eligible for the regular upgrade. She informed me I’d have to visit an AT&T store though.. but that’s not a problem.

So tonight, after waiting 30+ minutes for an associate, I ordered my iPhone 3GS! It’ll be delivered in 7-14 days. 🙂

Top Ten: Zac Maloy Songs

Zac Maloy was the singer for the 90s band The Nixons and is now a solo artist, writer, and producer. Here’s a listing of my favorite ten songs Zac’s been involved in.

  1. Get It On from Zac’s Saturday is Gone CD.
  2. Starkiss from Zac’s Yellow EP.
  3. Passion from The Nixons’ Halo and Foma CDs.
  4. Used To from Zac’s Saturday is Gone CD and Daughtry’s self-titled CD. Both versions are great. Daughtry’s rendition adds a new bridge that he wrote, so they’re different.. but the same. 😉
  5. Come Back To You from David Cook’s self-titled CD. An absolutely amazing song!
  6. 3 Days from Zac’s Saturday is Gone CD.
  7. Early Morning Phone Call from Zac’s Life CD. Zac’s first solo hit.. great tune.
  8. Perfect Day from Zac’s Life CD.
  9. Sister from The Nixons’ Halo and Foma CDs. When thinking about this list, I initially had this song first.
  10. Secret from The Nixons’ Six EP. Not as well-known as Sister, Secret is an amazing ballad. I would love Zac to re-record this for a solo album or EP. Zac, if you’re reading — re-record Secret! 😉

Top Ten: Friends Episodes

Who doesn’t like Friends?! It’s probably my second favorite television show behind I Love Lucy. So without further adieu.. my top ten Friends episodes.

  1. The One With The Rumor. Great episode guest starring Brad Pitt.
  2. The One Where Eddie Won’t Go. Adam Goldberg’s last episode. The way Chandler gets rid of Eddie is great.
  3. The One Where Ross Got High. The dialog aimed at Jack & Judy Geller towards the end is hilarious.
  4. The One With The Flashback. Great episode even though it’s not consistent with other facts as we now know them.
  5. The One That Could Have Been. Great ‘what if’ episode!
  6. The One In Barbados. Aiesha Tyler brought a new dimension to the show, and this is my favorite episode during her guest starring role. The ping pong scenes are hilarious.
  7. The One In Vegas. Love this episode! The images of Ross and Rachel getting married and Chandler and Monica almost getting married are classic.
  8. The Last One. Great series finale. It left the viewers with a sense of closure with the six main characters all left in a good place. At the same time, I feel the finale also left room for a reunion.. movie anyone?
  9. The One With The Embryos. This is the one where Chandler/Joey and Monica/Rachel bet their apartments and switch. So many classic quotes from this episode.
  10. The One Where No One’s Ready. Friends at its best. The entire episode takes place in Monica & Rachel’s apartment.