Update On My Mom

On behalf of my entire family, thank you to everyone who is praying for my Mom. Your prayers are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Mom had the follow up appointment with the surgeon today.

  • Stage 3: Tier 1
  • The cancer has not gone into the bladder’s muscles.
  • Because of that, chemotherapy prior to surgery will not be done.
  • Surgery within a month or so to remove the bladder and possibly one kidney.

This will be a major surgery lasting upwards of six hours and requiring two surgeons. Recovery time in hospital is usually 7-10 days; recovery time once home is around two months.

I would appreciate continued prayers. Never underestimate the power of prayer.. I’ve witnessed first-hand what the power of prayer does. The good Lord does listen to us.

Update on July 27th:
Mom’s surgery will be August 18th at 1:00pm.