Mom Update

Great news on my Mom today! Pathology results are in — cancer was found in the inner muscle of the bladder.. but not in the outer muscle! Additionally, cancer was not found in any of the removed organs or lymph nodes!

The surgeon will be forwarding the pathology results on to the oncologist who will then decide if chemotherapy is even necessary.

God is good!

My Mom is a Trooper!

My Mom’s surgery was yesterday. The surgeon performed what amounted to five surgeries: removed bladder, appendectomy, hysterectomy, removed both ovaries, and removed all lymph nodes from the top of the aorta to the bladder. The surgeon had originally given a 5-6 hour timeline for the surgery but ended up only taking 4! A blood transfusion was not necessary during surgery itself. We will not know whether or not chemotherapy will be necessary until pathology results are in — which will take about a week.

Once out of surgery and into ICU, Mom’s blood pressure was low.. probably due to the amount of blood lost during the surgery. She was given three units of blood via a central line, and an arm IV “thing” (that’s definitely NOT the technical term!) was put in for accurate blood pressure monitoring. While still droggy, she knew Dad, Kim, and I were there with her in her room.

Today, Mom is looking much better. She’s on self-controlled morphine at the push of a button for pain, but she’s only pressed that button twice. She’s also nauseous and on medication for that. She might be in ICU again tonight; that’s yet to be determined.

I’ll continue posting updates.

On behalf of my entire family, I sincerely thank everyone that’s said a prayer or two, and continue to appreciate the prayers still coming.