Great News on Mom!

Mom does not need chemotherapy!

The pathology report said that except for the bladder, there was no cancer. Ten lymph nodes were removed and none had cancer. Since the cancer was in the bladder muscle but did not penetrate it, the oncologist said there was less than a 10%-15% chance of reoccurrence. Preventative chemotherapy would not have improved that chance; therefore, no chemo!

She will need to have a followup CT scan done in four months just to be sure her remaining organs are still cancer-free.

Thank you to everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers! God is good!

Friday Night “Fun”

So we’re about to head to bed Friday night after preparing for the neighborhood garage sale. I head into my office to shut down my laptop when I smell something. Wanting to make sure it was or wasn’t just me, I asked Monica to take a whiff. Sure enough, she smelled it as well — a burning smell. After leaving the room, we come back in to try to see if we can pinpoint the origin. We agree that the smell’s coming from a certain corner.

Long story short..

After unplugging everything to make sure it wasn’t a monitor, tv, or something overheating, we look at the outlet. Sure enough, the damn thing is melting. We’re worried about electrical fire possibilities, so we cut power to my office from the breaker box.

Electrician comes out this afternoon to take look. Turns out a wire simply was loose — and had slowly gotten that way over time. The electrician said that more than likely this would not have caused a fire. So that’s a relief.

Pictures of the outlet: