Old Navy: You’ve Lost a Customer

Old Navy, listen up. You need to rethink your return and exchange policies.

Scenario: Katie Lynn received a pair of Old Navy boots for her birthday. Unfortunately, they were too small, so we figured it’d be an easy enough switch at our local Old Navy store even though we didn’t have a receipt or gift receipt. Silly us.. why would it be easy?

Again, let me reiterate – we wanted an even exchange for the SAME EXACT item in the SAME EXACT color.. only a bigger size. But no, we weren’t allowed to do that. Instead, we have to wait 7-10 days for a check from Old Navy to be mailed to our house.

That is asinine. Now, if we had wanted a refund, I would be completely okay with having to wait for a check. I have absolutely no problem with that. But we simply needed a different size, and Old Navy would have been out absolutely nothing.

If Old Navy wishes to get my business again in the future, they better reevaluate their policies to be more consumer friendly or else risk getting placed in the same category as Target.