New GoDaddy “Service”!

I had good news in my inbox from GoDaddy! They’ve come up with an ingenious “service”!

Dear Tom Sepper,

A new service is available that will impact how you manage your account. This service — a monthly account statement delivered straight to your inbox — will soon serve as your all-in-one account resource. Simply open your email each month and you’ll ensure:

  • You don’t miss the renewal date for any expiring domain or Go Daddy® product you own
  • You keep your credit card up-to-date and not at risk of expiration – don’t be a victim of a failed auto-renewal
  • You take advantage of important security measures that keep your account safe
  • You are not forgetting about a pending order – you won’t lose a domain due to incomplete registration
  • You stay on top of unused credits that could be applied toward a future purchase

There is no cost associated with this service. It is simply a continuation of our commitment to your satisfaction. You
must, however, sign up to begin receiving your account statement. Questions? Call your customer service representative
24/7 at 480-505-8821.

I’m so glad they’re coming up with even more crap to advertise and upsell on their over-cluttered, unfriendly, hard-to-navigate website.