A Lesson In Customer Service

Three and a half years ago, Monica and I purchased Katie Lynn’s crib set from Babies R Us. We thought we were being smart by purchasing the crib that would grow with her.. from a crib to a toddler bed to a full size bed. We special ordered the full mattress rails and conversion kit at that time.

Flash forward to about three weeks ago. We bought new mattresses for everyone in the house: a new queen set for Monica and me, a full set for Katie Lynn, and a twin set for Karyn’s upcoming transition this summer. The mattresses were being delivered on a late Saturday afternoon, so Monica and I begin to covert Katie Lynn’s toddler bed into the full size configuration. And of course, there’s a problem. The rails don’t seem to look like the ones in the instructions, and there aren’t enough screws to actually assemble the rails to the headboard and footboard.

Great.. now what? At that point, we believed the situation was one of two possibilities:

  1. We received the wrong rail conversion kit.
  2. We received the right set but some of the parts were missing.

I decided to call the store where we originally purchased the rails to see what, if anything, they could do. In the end, they offered to special order another set of rails for us and they would simply swap them out.

That’s incredible given the fact that we had purchased the rails 3.5 years earlier. There was absolutely no hesitation on their side. Even more surprising was that they still had our order in their system, so they knew exactly what we ordered and what stock/part number they needed to special order.

In the end, we did actually receive the correct rails but there were some screws missing. Once we got the new set the bed assembled like a charm.

It’s refreshing that a company would do this for a customer. To the team at the Plano, TX Babies R Us — thank you. Customer service done right.