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Goodbye 2015

What a year it has been; a year of change both happy and sad, personally and professionally, expected and unexpected.

Amid change, I always try to keep positive and look on the upside of the situation versus the downside. It helps keep attitude, mindset, and emotions in check, and I strongly believe in forward thinking as well as focusing on the good in everything.

So here’s to 2015 and, more importantly, a great 2016.

As Kidd Kraddick closed his morning shows:

Keep looking up.. cause that’s where it all is!

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Tom is currently the Director of Support for Kinsta and has previously worked as the COO for multiple global web hosting companies including and Additionally, he was the Chief of Staff for Pressed Platform, a white-label provider of managed WordPress hosting. Its platform was used by major players in the WordPress space including theme & plugin shops, design & digital agencies, and theme marketplaces.