Reflections on Steve Jobs

Tonight as I sat on the couch reading the news coverage on Steve Jobs’ passing, it struck me why I’m enamored with Apple’s products. It’s not that I’m a fanboy (okay, I might be on the edge of being one..) — it’s because of the culture set in place by Steve Jobs.

He didn’t just want to make the average run-of-the-mill beige box computer. It’s not that he just wanted to enter the mp3 player market. It’s not that he simply wanted a piece of the mobile phone market. It’s that he wanted to revolutionize by thinking different.

It’s that he was so meticulous about the products his company produced. It’s that he was so adamant about his ideals that he’d not waver.

As I sat tonight using my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone, it sunk in what Steve Jobs truly meant to the technological world.

RIP Steve.

– Blogged from my iPhone

AT&T Redemption

I previously wrote about my woes with AT&T. I’m happy to report that they’ve done the right thing!

After a horrible exchange with their email support team, I called and spoke with a woman who reassured me I was eligible for the regular upgrade. She informed me I’d have to visit an AT&T store though.. but that’s not a problem.

So tonight, after waiting 30+ minutes for an associate, I ordered my iPhone 3GS! It’ll be delivered in 7-14 days. 🙂

AT&T.. Why Must You Upset Me So?

I’ve been an AT&T customer for years. And by years, I mean 12+ years. I was an old AT&T Wireless customer back in high school and early college, and then Southwestern Bell/Cingular, and now AT&T again. I’ve not had any complaints with them.. until now.

Flash back to two summers ago. I’m attending TBA/TODA/TCDA with Director’s Choice. Upon my return home, Monica has a surprise for me — the newly-released Apple iPhone. Such a great wife, isn’t she? 🙂

So for those keeping track, that was July 2007 — a month after the iPhone was released. So at that time, my contract was renewed for another two years.

Summer 2008 arrives and we move to the DFW Metroplex. Just like most people would, we head to our local AT&T store (company store, not an authorized retailer) to have our phone numbers changed. Turns out, AT&T tells us it’s not as simple as changing phone numbers. Reason being — we’re changing markets. So we can either keep our old Lubbock numbers or set up a new account in the new market. We opt to set up a new account so that our phone numbers can be local. In the process, the plan we were on at the time was no longer offered, so we were forced to change plans.. and conveniently, the price was $10 more per month. Frustrated but without options, we proceed.

June 2009 — Apple announces the iPhone 3GS. I would love to get one, and Monica says I can.. remember, I have a GREAT wife. 😉  I log into our AT&T account online and discover I’m not eligible for an upgrade. I realize this is because AT&T is considering Summer 2008 as when our contract started!

So let me get this straight.. First, AT&T made us open the new account to only change our phone numbers. Secondly, AT&T forced us to change plans and give them $120 more per year because our plan was no longer available. And now thirdly, AT&T is screwing me over by not honoring when my original iPhone was purchased. Hell no.

I’m not complaining about AT&T requiring early upgrade fees. I fully understand subsidizing and the costs associated with that. I have absolutely no problem with that.

But in my situation, I should not be punished for what AT&T forced upon me simply because I wanted to change my phone number. I’ve heard horror stories and experiences from friends and coworkers concerning AT&T, and I always came to AT&T’s defense. After this though, I’m not too sure I can do that anymore. AT&T has severely disillusioned me.

I have not yet contacted AT&T to see if anything could be done about the situation. If any AT&T employee reads this, I’d love nothing else to be able purchase an iPhone 3GS and extend my contract for another two years from now. I have no problems with that. But there’s no way in hell I’m paying an early upgrade fee when I do not feel it’s applicable to my specific situation.

Apple Fanboys Annoy Me

Disclaimer: I probably am a fanboy myself. Maybe not to the extremes I’m blogging about here, but I love Apple and the products it produces.

Apple fanboys annoy me. Greatly. There’s no pleasing this bunch.

Apple releases the iPhone. Within two days, there are a plethora of posts throughout the fanboy websites and blogs containing ways to make it better.

Apple releases the unibody MacBooks. Within hours those fanboy sites are complaining about their lack of firewire.

The day Apple gets behind on the fanboy-imposed product lifecycles, all hell breaks loose. Is the Mac mini being discontinued? Is AppleTV on its last breath?

My advice for the fanboys:

Get over yourself and enjoy and appreciate the Apple products you already own.