I posted this on Facebook a year ago, and it showed in my “On This Day” list today. It still rings true a year later.

Someone asked me recently why I would sit through 11 hours of a dance competition on a Saturday when there’s tons of other things I could be doing.

Sure, there are other things I could be doing, so why don’t I do those instead?

These two beautiful girls.

They need to know and see that I am right there by their side supporting their every move. They need to know and see that I’m there to celebrate their wins with them and to lift them up after their losses. They need to know and see that they deserve my time, devotion, and attention more than anything else and that they are a priority in my life. They need to know that I care about what they care about, that I am interested in what they are interested in. They need to see that I genuinely want to know more about what they’re interested in, that I care to know what first position is, what a cramp roll is.

When they’re older and dating, they will come to see where parallels exist between me and their boyfriends, that those boys should show them and give them the same respect, attention, interest, and care.

My girls need to see all of this and come to expect it… because they deserve nothing less.

This is my job as their dad, and it’s the most important job I’ll ever have.