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Reflections on Steve Jobs

Tonight as I sat on the couch reading the news coverage on Steve Jobs’ passing, it struck me why I’m enamored with Apple’s products. It’s not that I’m a fanboy (okay, I might be on the edge of being one..) — it’s because of the culture set in place by Steve Jobs. He didn’t just […]

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AT&T Redemption

I previously wrote about my woes with AT&T. I’m happy to report that they’ve done the right thing! After a horrible exchange with their email support team, I called and spoke with a woman who reassured me I was eligible for the regular upgrade. She informed me I’d have to visit an AT&T store though.. […]

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AT&T.. Why Must You Upset Me So?

I’ve been an AT&T customer for years. And by years, I mean 12+ years. I was an old AT&T Wireless customer back in high school and early college, and then Southwestern Bell/Cingular, and now AT&T again. I’ve not had any complaints with them.. until now. Flash back to two summers ago. I’m attending TBA/TODA/TCDA with […]

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Apple Fanboys Annoy Me

Disclaimer: I probably am a fanboy myself. Maybe not to the extremes I’m blogging about here, but I love Apple and the products it produces. Apple fanboys annoy me. Greatly. There’s no pleasing this bunch. Apple releases the iPhone. Within two days, there are a plethora of posts throughout the fanboy websites and blogs containing […]

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