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Tom Sepper

I am a customer-centric thinker with expertise in remote teams, culture, and organizational management. I am a process, communication, and organizational junkie who’s able to view, prioritize, and approach situations with a comprehensive understanding of the various touch points across all functions.


Oct 2018 - Present
Kinsta Ltd.
Kinsta Ltd.
Director of Support
  • Manage daily operations of the support department
  • Manage support team cohesion
  • Oversee support team and training
  • Manage support operation reporting and analytics
  • Discover opportunities to improve tools, workflow, and experience

Jun 2017 - Present
Packet32 LLC
Packet32 LLC

Consulting services focusing within these areas:

  • Web hosting, cloud services, and domain name industries
  • Remote team culture and management
  • Customer experience

Jun 2017 - Jan 2018
HostPapa, Inc.
HostPapa, Inc.
Chief Operating Officer
  • Played a key role on the senior management team to drive the strategic direction of the business
  • Liaise across all departments to aid with cohesiveness and production
  • Oversee the Project Management function to ensure that projects are prioritized and timelines achieved
  • Implemented a new project management system for the development function to achieve an organized production framework
  • Guide Human Resources to improve human resource and recruiting functions

Oct 2016 - Jun 2017
Pressed Platform, Inc.
Pressed Platform, Inc.
Chief of Staff
  • Liaise across all departments to aid with cohesiveness
  • Organize and manage the legal, financial, and human resource functions
  • Manage Partner relations and Client communications

Sep 2007 - Sep 2016
World Wide Web Hosting, LLC (
World Wide Web Hosting, LLC (
Chief Operating Officer
  • Liaise across all departments to aid with cohesiveness
  • Develop key metrics, statistics, and other business analytics in order to provide a solid foundation for the business decision-making process
  • Cultivate and maintain strong vendor and partner relationships for both existing relationships and business development opportunities
  • Cultivate and maintain strong high value client relationships
  • Manage the Customer Service, Support, Billing, and passive Sales operations from a high level strategic perspective
  • Manage the Operations department and the various projects and tasks within
  • Manage all aspects of Human Resources and liaise with third-party HR partners
  • Manage the legal affairs of the company
  • Manage the financial reporting of the company and liaise with external financial relationships such as bookkeeping and accounting
  • Keep apprised and current with industry trends and changes in order to routinely assess company focus and projects

Sep 2004 - Dec 2006
PowWeb, Inc.
PowWeb, Inc.
Community & Documentation Manager
  • Manage all aspects of community forum
  • Liaise between Management and Customers
  • Manage Knowledge Base & Webmaster Resources portals
  • Manage IRC Chat Room and associated bot scripts

Jan 2002 - Sep 2007
Director's Choice, LLP
Director's Choice, LLP
Director of Information Technology
  • Maintenance of LAN and WAN operability in a multi-platform environment
  • Administration of 3Com NBX 100 VoIP telephone system
  • Co-administration/Co-development of FileMaker Pro database solution
  • Administration of Microsoft Exchange collaboration software
  • Design/Maintenance of corporate websites
  • Systems training and support to coworkers


1997 - 2002
Texas Tech University
Rawls College of Business
BBA, Management
BBA, Management
  • National Dean’s List (4x – 1997-2001)
  • Dean’s List (Fall 1997, Fall 2001)
  • Phi Eta Sigma
  • Alpha Lamdba Delta
  • Goin’ Band From Raiderland
  • Kappa Kappa Psi


Tom has been instrumental in the day to day success and operation of Site5! As the COO he has made sure that everything is running correctly at the company and he never lets anything slip by or go unnoticed. His attention to detail is superhuman!

Ben Welch-Bolen
Former CEO @ World Wide Web Hosting, LLC

Tom has ably handled responsibilities and problems relating to every aspect of the web hosting industry. He has a rare ability to see problems from technical, strategic, and interpersonal perspectives. Despite that broad vision, he still manages to keeps track of all the little details.

Joel Brown
Former President @ World Wide Web Hosting, LLC

Hiring Tom was one of the best decisions I ever made at Site5, plain and simple. Prior to selling the company, I worked closely with Tom on a daily basis. He was not only Site5’s COO, but he was my right hand man. He is organized and efficient, extremely hard working, and was always willing to tackle anything we presented him with. His skillset is diverse and always expanding. He is a true professional, and a great asset to his company.

Brendan Diaz
Former CEO @

The impact Tom has made as COO at Site5 is immeasurable. He knows the web hosting industry inside and out and that wealth of knowledge and experience is a huge asset to Site5. I cannot imagine what Site5 would be like without him.

Graham McMillan
Former CTO @ World Wide Web Hosting, LLC

From the beginning I was thoroughly impressed with his attention to detail. He is quick to understand a problem even if he’s not familiar with the underlying technology. This is a rare trait that makes him a huge asset to our company.

Justin Mazzi
Former Chief Software Developer @ World Wide Web Hosting, LLC

He’s the perfect amount of involved and uninvolved all at once, exactly in the right place at the right time just a fraction of a second before you even realize you needed him for something!

Vince Stratful
CTO @ HostPapa, Inc.

Great leader. Amazing mentor. Incredibly detail oriented and focused. Patient and understanding. He is capable of mentoring anyone that comes his way. Whether it be from a first day customer service agent, to a Vice President needing advice. His biggest quality is that he will always be there for you, whether it be professionally or on a personal level.

Anthony Licursi
VP of Client Services @ HostPapa, Inc.

In the whirlwind of company operations, Tom was a rock star and made sure that the important and urgent both got done. Tom is one of the most dependable persons I know. Operations in any company can be challenging, but managing operations in a 120+ person, fully remote company added a new layer of complexity that Tom seemed to manage with ease. A veteran in the hosting industry Tom’s experience was valuable daily whether dealing with compliance or technical issues. Any company would be lucky to have Tom managing their day-to-day operations.

Paul Carter
Former CMO @ World Wide Web Hosting, LLC

Tom is the jack of all trades, master of all, and an asset to any company. He successfully manages anything from helping customers with unique situations, to deploying website changes, to organizing solutions to complex, mission-critical, company-wide problems. Tom easily does the work of a handful of employees, and maintains an excellent, fun, but assertive attitude while doing so. You can always rely on Tom to ensure a plethora of tasks are organized and completed, even with the tightest of time frames.

Paul Stengel
Former VP of Technology @ World Wide Web Hosting, LLC